A Vote for a “Caring Representative” who cares about TEACHERS, STUDENTS, AND their PARENTS. Too many times parents are removed for the conversation. Often the opinions of “experts” overshadow the common sense input of parents. I believe the concerns of the dad who is a farmer or the mom who is a store clerk are just as valuable as the Ph.D. sitting on the school board. I am also concerned that teachers are overworked and being asked to do things above and beyond pursuing excellence in teaching academic fundamentals like Math, Literacy, and Science. I would like to restore trust between parents and teachers be encouraging more open access for parents, and more support for teachers.

A Vote for an Informed Board Member. Cari is committed to educating herself and others on the pressing educational issues of today; whether that is Social Emotional Learning, Culturally Responsive Teaching, PBIS, or Ethnic Studies. Cari believes that knowledge is power and one cannot simply read the file summary and make a responsible decision. Cari has spent hours studying to understand these complicated issues affecting our children’s education. She is considered an expert in this area and consults regularly with national and local parenting groups.

A Vote for a True Expert in Resilience. The USBE is being called to make important decisions regarding diversitity, equity, and inclusion. They have studied trama, but Cari has lived it. Cari brings a vital perspective that diversity is more than skin or gender. Diversity of Viewpoint is something to respect and something the USBE is currently lacking. Cari put herself in foster care at age eight. She lived in 13 foster homes. She was never adopted. In addition, Cari is biracial and has worked to overcome many types of trauma due to abuse. Yet, she does not consider herself a victim and is committed to helping others RISE.